1) If a pokemon faints, it is “dead” and must be boxed for the rest of the run.

2) We can only catch the first encounter in an area, and if we fail, we do not get a pokemon for that area.

3) All pokemon must have names.

4) We cannot catch any repeats, except ones with branched evolutionary trees (e.g. rockruff, eevee, slowpoke). Repeats do not count as first encounters. Same evolutionary lines do not count as first encounters (e.g. can’t catch a golbat if one of us already has a zubat).

5) Items can only be used outside of battle.

6) Battles are “set” instead of “switch”.

7) TMs, Exp. Share and Poké-pelago are fair game.

8) We can trade with each other at any time and change nicknames so that the other person can call their pokemon whatever they like.

9) We have to battle each other before each trial with the team we will use for that trial. Pokemon who faint in these battles do not die, they are just defeated. Whoever wins the majority of these battles is League Champion assuming we both defeat the Elite Four.

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