May 6th, 2019, 5:34 pm

The Return!

us: *disappear for three months without any updates or announcements*

people: *think this comic is dead*


Hey, so, we are very sorry about disappearing for so long but happy to announce NGP will be returning on this Saturday, May 11!!

Why the big unplanned hiatus? Just was just a long series of events that kept the both of us busy and wouldn’t be super interesting to recount in detail, so I’ll skip over most of it. What matters is that almost everything besides the timely output of pages has turned out well.
- Everyone is in better health now than the last time we checked in.
- Our living space is much improved and we are enjoying it immensely.
- Tree now has a much better art workspace and a more comfortable job with steady hours.
- Beryl just finished the penultimate draft of the script for island one and sent it off for a final round of beta reading.
That’s pretty great!

So, what can you all expect from NGP’s return?
- Well, we would like to go back to a page a week but since Tree isn’t starting her new work schedule until Friday we aren’t sure how well that will actually shake out. BUT a page every other week at least.
- Our first silly little bonus comic is finished and will be going up on the 18th! We’re planning on making these dumb meme comics a somewhat regular thing so look forward to more stupid shenanigans I guess??
- Remember that Q&A? Probably not, but the answers are coming! They’re written up already and Tree just wants to do some more doodles to accompany them so they should be up on the 18th or 25th.

Lastly, I just wanted to assure y'all that even if we stall out or move on from the comic end of this project, the story of NGP isn’t going anywhere. We have a rough draft of the script all the way to the League, a very decent chunk of which is in the second draft or better. So even if somewhere down the line we decide to put the comic aside, we will put the rest of the story up for y’all as a scriptlocke or storylocke. It’s already there and we love it and we really want to share it with you.

Thanks for sticking with us so far!

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