The Nuzlocke
When long-time internet friends Makani and Azophi finally meet, it feels like life is taking a turn for the better. Along with Makani’s brother Hau and the mysterious runaway Lillie, the two begin on a journey full of Island Trials, personal trials, and ghosts both old and new. Each member of the squad has a different goal in mind (Makani wants to be a Trial Captain, Hau wants to be a Kahuna, Lillie wants to get Nebby home, and Azophi just wants to get out of the house) but find the best way to meet those goals is too strive for them together. On the way they make friends, enemies, and frenemies with a variety of original and previously established characters. Action, humor, drama, shade, and good old-fashioned shenanigans ensue. The Night Grows Pale features a diverse cast, explores queer themes and identity, as well as the traditional nuzlocke themes of responsibility, loss and finding friends in unexpected places.
Warning: This comic is not super dark and edgy or anything, but the protagonists are 17-21, so stuff will come up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. The comic contains themes of abuse, self-loathing, violence, memes, drug references, sexual references, Nebby never getting in the bag, and colorful language.
Updates: Saturdays

The Authors
Beryl & Tree met in their first year of college and became friends second year. Beryl majored in Biology and Tree majored in Environmental Studies, but they were both always writing stories on the side. They decided they wanted to make a webcomic together while still in college and developed two stories (a classic fantasy that explores the tropes of the genre & a magical girl adventure in which the protagonists turn into mythical creatures) before settling on doing a nuzlocke comic first. Beryl played Sun and Tree played Moon and this comic is the result. Beryl and Tree currently live in NYC with too many cats, frogs and a hedgehog. Beryl handles the majority of the writing and internet stuff while Tree does most of the artwork.

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